Testimonial by Karen

I truly don’t know where to begin…my interactions with Brenda have been nothing short of phenomenal! I have contacted Brenda many times over the course of the last fourteen months for a wide variety of reasons. Anytime I message Brenda, my discomfort eases prior to her even reading the message….her soul is on it!! Plus Brenda is very responsive to your messages. Brenda is a very kind, compassionate and peaceful person with an amazing sense of humor. Her unlimited ability to instinctively know what the underlying cause of your discomfort is allows her to provide you with a solution that is just right for YOU! She has all kinds of skills she shares with you to help ensure that you can maintain the balance & calm she brings into your life.

Testimonial by Chris

Did you know that you are a most powerful being, that you have the innate ability to heal yourself. At one point in time not too long ago, I didn’t know this. Well I’ll tell you i most certainly do now. I would like you to know that’s just one of the gifts Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three has shown to me.  One of Many!! Please don’t get me wrong I still work with Brenda when I need extra assistance healing my physical, astral and spiritual bodies.

Rewind twelve months….I have intense pain daily that sometimes simply knocks me off my feet. Doctors couldn’t figure it out, they gave me opiates which dam near killed me. I sought acupuncture, massage, acupressure, sacral manipulations and anything and everything I could find, it helped, however it didn’t completely dissolve this pain which would still come back and get very intense at times. We are talking about chronic pain here, decades in this lifetime and probably eons of old stuff.

Fast forward to present… after not really many sessions with Brenda I am the absolute strongest I’ve been in twenty years. I went Alpine/downhill skiing this week three different days (I have not skied since 1993). No kidding. I am balanced.  I am Happy I am Joyful. I am more Pain Free than ever, I am love and I really truly am so grateful to Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three.

 If you desire these things…You really should treat yourself to a session with Brenda who with absolutely no exaggeration, is in my own opinion, one of an elite few, she is one of, if not the most powerful, healers on Earth. We are blessed to have her here at this time. Don’t miss out!!! —Chris

Testimonial by Shirley

One evening while working, I noticed the pain of yet another kidney stone on the right side. It was getting worse and was causing cramps and back pain. I asked Brenda for help and she “did her thing” right there! I was skeptical, but the pain was nearly gone in less than ten minutes after she finished and has been better from then on. She knows what she is doing! Thank you to Brenda and the higher power that works through her!—Shirley

Testimonial by Julie

I have been blessed by Brenda’s healing gift many times. She has not only helped me but my family as well. She has an inner knowing, a sense, of what is going on at all levels of you – physically, emotionally and spiritually. She works with your soul to help all of you. It is wonderful working with her in person and she is just as effective long distance doing remote healings of transformation. Love her beautiful energy!!!  Julie

Testimonial by Sharon

I twisted my knee walking down a gravel road. I was working at the time and its not easy tending bar when your knee is killing you! I called Brenda and she got me right in. Its amazing how fast she had me up and moving again! I was back at work the next day with no limp and no pain. What a relief! Thank you Brenda!–Sharon

Testimonial by Lisa

I am one of the lucky people who unfortunately suffers from kidney stones. The first time I had kidney stones I ended up in the ER where they put me on some heavy duty pain medications. I was in pain for about a week and had to miss work as I was taking Narcotics. The next time that I had kidney stones I felt them coming on knew what was happening and not looking forward to the pain I knew I was about to endure I called Brenda she met with me very last minute was very professional and extremely sympathetic. After about a half hour with Brenda and the Elders Three I had quite noticeable relief, and after just one day I was almost at 100% all of this without a ER visit, without heavy duty narcotics and only missing 1 day of work verses one week. I would so recommend Brenda and the Elders Three to anyone and everyone she is simply AMAZING.–Lisa

Brenda is the real deal!

I called Brenda as a last ditch effort to save my little dog Happy. He had what seemed to be a very aggressive virus that caused him to jerk uncontrollably. Heavy antibiotics kept him going but never could completely wipe it out. Brenda did the healing while I was at work. When i got home he was like a playful little puppy again like i haven’t seen him in a very long time. I pulled off of the antibiotics to see what would happen. The bad smell left his breath, the whites in his eyes came back ( they were red) he started walking normally again. His breathing was no longer raspy. We had tried everything and nothing helped much. Thank you Brenda for healing my dog!!

Marcia Anderson

Dear Brenda, I scheduled a

Dear Brenda,

I scheduled a session with you, but could not make it as a loved member of the family passed and we had to travel overseas to take care of all that. But just through you emails filled with love and care, I got so much support and energy, it saw me through difficult times. I kept listening to your Quantum Heart video everyday and could feel the sorrow lifting. Now my Ascension mini Pyramid should be coming very soon! Thanks for everything you do.


Brenda is the Best

I decided to book an appointment with Brenda on a whim and she was so incredibly helpful, kind and easy to talk to. She definitely picked up on a variety of things going on in my body and I felt amazing after I session! She’s incredibly generous with her time and even talked to me later when I reached out with some questions I had. I cannot recommend her enough!


A great blessing!! 💗🙏🏻

Thank you so much to Brenda and your team!! The experience is beyond amazing, for people for are working really hard on our spiritual journey, you will know how challenging it is with your spiritual practice when there are deep seated traumas and blocks that will constantly surface in all aspects of your life for you to heal and sometimes it’s just not easy for the human mind to relate with your higher wisdom to know how to apply to each circumstances for healing to be done. Physical pain and lack of physical energies can be a big hurdle too! Brenda and her team did the work to release all those which u may and may not know fully. It’s a speed up process ( in a good way) and a process that I’m sooo deeply grateful for. Big part of our spiritual process is about realizing and releasing what we have accumulated but we are not and come into being with who we are as a soul, a consciousness. It is the emptiness experienced, the fullness is simultaneously experienced. We are nothing yet we are everything all at once 🙏🏻💗 Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!

Jofin Wong

Great Love

It is difficult to use words to express the depth of my experience and feelings about Brenda. But this is a testimonial and its purpose is to share how Brenda’s gift for channeling and healing has helped me and my family several times. She is empathetic and kind, but direct and committed to delivering help and truth, from her guides and her higher self. Because she is so connected, she is able to successfully facilitate healing in partnership with us doing our own work, with our own spiritual teams.
It was through Twisted Sage and her brother, Brian Besco, that I found Brenda. Their family business makes amazing tools, which truly help us to access our higher frequencies for healing.
I am grateful. I hope whoever reads this will trust I have told the truth and experience Brenda’s gift for themselves.
FYI, Brenda always ends her emails with two words–Great Love. And she means it!

Dale Gottlieb

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