Great Love

It is difficult to use words to express the depth of my experience and feelings about Brenda. But this is a testimonial and its purpose is to share how Brenda’s gift for channeling and healing has helped me and my family several times. She is empathetic and kind, but direct and committed to delivering help and truth, from her guides and her higher self. Because she is so connected, she is able to successfully facilitate healing in partnership with us doing our own work, with our own spiritual teams.
It was through Twisted Sage and her brother, Brian Besco, that I found Brenda. Their family business makes amazing tools, which truly help us to access our higher frequencies for healing.
I am grateful. I hope whoever reads this will trust I have told the truth and experience Brenda’s gift for themselves.
FYI, Brenda always ends her emails with two words–Great Love. And she means it!

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