Q&A or Intuitive Healing Sessions with Brenda and The Elders Three


One evening while working, I noticed the pain of yet another kidney stone on the right side. It was getting worse and was causing cramps and back pain. I asked Brenda for help and she “did her thing” right there! I was skeptical, but the pain was nearly gone in less than ten minutes after she finished and has been better from then on. She knows what she is doing! Thank you to Brenda and the higher power that works through her!


I have been blessed by Brenda’s healing gift many times. She has not only helped me but my family as well. She has an inner knowing, a sense, of what is going on at all levels of you – physically, emotionally and spiritually. She works with your soul to help all of you. It is wonderful working with her in person and she is just as effective long distance doing remote healings of transformation. Love her beautiful energy!!!


I twisted my knee walking down a gravel road. I was working at the time and its not easy tending bar when your knee is killing you! I called Brenda and she got me right in. Its amazing how fast she had me up and moving again! I was back at work the next day with no limp and no pain. What a relief! Thank you Brenda!