One of the first recorded channels with The Elders Three on 2/13/11.

We are The Elders – Three. Warriors we are. Directly behind Brenda, as she sees us, (I understand that they are everywhere at one time) One stands with a spear, this is a spear of truth. It will help Brenda and all those around her to speak Their truth. To the right of Brenda One stands with a bow and arrow that pierces the heart in a good way. To the left of Brenda stands One with a shield that brings protection for all of those who speak their truth from their heart.

There is completeness in this circle. A feeling of being. The Elders – Three are three spirits that made arrangements with Brenda and others to come forward at this time to help bring together those who are upon our beloved earth. To help those who are looking to find a way to who they are. We bring remembering and tools so that you may step into who you truly are. Through Brenda we will bring healing for those those who are in great physical and mental pain,…….. so they can move past their pain if they so desire and if it is for their highest and best good. Which is for us understood.

So we say to you relax, be in the moment. It is with great pleasure that we experience through your eyes the earth plane. Brenda, that is why things look clearer and have such beautiful colors. Because you are also seeing through our eyes that are looking through your eyes. Confused yet?

We are The Elders Three.