Testimonial by Chris

Did you know that you are a most powerful being, that you have the innate ability to heal yourself. At one point in time not too long ago, I didn’t know this. Well I’ll tell you i most certainly do now. I would like you to know that’s just one of the gifts Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three has shown to me.  One of Many!! Please don’t get me wrong I still work with Brenda when I need extra assistance healing my physical, astral and spiritual bodies.

Rewind twelve months….I have intense pain daily that sometimes simply knocks me off my feet. Doctors couldn’t figure it out, they gave me opiates which dam near killed me. I sought acupuncture, massage, acupressure, sacral manipulations and anything and everything I could find, it helped, however it didn’t completely dissolve this pain which would still come back and get very intense at times. We are talking about chronic pain here, decades in this lifetime and probably eons of old stuff.

Fast forward to present… after not really many sessions with Brenda I am the absolute strongest I’ve been in twenty years. I went Alpine/downhill skiing this week three different days (I have not skied since 1993). No kidding. I am balanced.  I am Happy I am Joyful. I am more Pain Free than ever, I am love and I really truly am so grateful to Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three.

 If you desire these things…You really should treat yourself to a session with Brenda who with absolutely no exaggeration, is in my own opinion, one of an elite few, she is one of, if not the most powerful, healers on Earth. We are blessed to have her here at this time. Don’t miss out!!! —Chris

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