Testimonial by Lisa

I am one of the lucky people who unfortunately suffers from kidney stones. The first time I had kidney stones I ended up in the ER where they put me on some heavy duty pain medications. I was in pain for about a week and had to miss work as I was taking Narcotics. The next time that I had kidney stones I felt them coming on knew what was happening and not looking forward to the pain I knew I was about to endure I called Brenda she met with me very last minute was very professional and extremely sympathetic. After about a half hour with Brenda and the Elders Three I had quite noticeable relief, and after just one day I was almost at 100% all of this without a ER visit, without heavy duty narcotics and only missing 1 day of work verses one week. I would so recommend Brenda and the Elders Three to anyone and everyone she is simply AMAZING.–Lisa

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